Level: 40


Part of the Legacy Quest series.


Lika Fimente (4772 5128), a Selonian near Nashal on Talus, asks you to help rescue the captives a group of smugglers (4293 4734) have taken from her den. Travel to the base and slice the flight terminal (4289 4704). You learn that a shipment of selonian slaves was sent to Ord Mantell space. Check the living quarters to see if any selonians are still being kept here. In the quarters, you find a nervous Talusian smuggler (4255 4750). Talk to him and he will give you the cargo manifest (4286 4776) password. He will also tell you to tell the den mother about some failed deal - he says she will know what that means. First, have a go at the cargo manifest. It turns out that you are too late - but the selonians will want to know the destination. Return to Lika to complete the quest.

/way white 4772 5128 Lika Fimente;
/way orange 4293 4734 Smugglers;
/way orange 4289 4704 Flight Terminal;
/way orange 4255 4750 Nervous Smuggler;
/way orange 4286 4776 Cargo Manifest;

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