Level: 27


  • 8965 Quest XP
  • 9437 credits


Tanoa can make the sequencer that the Professor needs, but she needs three parts to do it.

  • Go to the Mummer Cave (4069 -1702) and defeat Mummer Scientists until you obtain a XJ5 Circuit Board. The Cave is surrounded by (CL26) Mummers. (Relics available)
  • Next, head to a junk pile in town (4808 -1427). Once there click on three Old Terminals (you'll see them) to obtain the Fractal Transmitters you need.
  • Head to the Skaak Tippers Cave (4557 -935) and defeat Skaak Tipper Machinists (CL27) until you obtain 8 Octave Regulators. The cave is surrounded by (CL26-27) Skaaks. (Relics available)

Once you have everything you need, head back to Tanoa Vills to complete the Quest.

Next: Salvage the Equipment at the Crashed Shuttle

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