Kartha's Cliff-Jumper

Level: 29



Vance Groten explains that the beacon the Professor needs was stolen after he fixed it, and you will need to go get it back. Head to the Strehkforce Camp (4821 -2570) and defeat the following:

  • 12 Strehkforce Soldiers (CL28)
  • 15 Strehkforce Mercenaries (CL28)

Once they’re dead, you are required to find the 2 leaders and kill them:

  • Evan Strehk (CL29)
  • Maris Fahrs (CL30)

Search for the beacon you need on the crates under the nearby covering, then return to Vance. He sends you back to Professor Zanier Hudmasse to complete the Quest.

Next: Tanoa Vills

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