Clan Mother Gethzerion

Game InfoEdit

Mother Gethzerion is the Clan Mother of the Nightsisters of Dathomir (-4087 -136). The Dathomir Witches have a matriarchal society, and Gethzerion rules her band of outcasts with an iron fist.

The Clan Mother is a quest giver in the Nightsister Stronghold series of quests. She is located on the second level of the stronghold, and is heavily guarded.

Star Wars LoreEdit

The people of Dathomir lived in clans ruled by female leaders with the male population serving as servants and mates. During the reign of Gethzerion many of the Dathomirians were killed or captured by Gethzerion's clan, the Nightsisters. These women's control over the force was developed from a method of selective breeding to ensure power. While the Nightsisters believed that they had to perform rituals to unleash their force powers, only Gethzerion realized the true power that she could control. Emperor Palpatine knew of her power while he was alive and ordered that she be kept trapped on Dathomir where she could still rule but not use her power elsewhere. Commander Zsinj who would later become a ruling imperial warlord was assigned to keep an eye on Dathomir.

When Han Solo crash-landed the Millennium Falcon on Dathomir, Gethzerion was contacted by Zsinj and the two of them managed to capture Han Solo and Princess Leia.

Gethzerion finally met her match in Luke Skywalker and Teneniel Djo (a Dathomirian from another clan) when they turned up to rescue their friends. Gethzerion fled in a space carrier but was killed when two of Zsinj's Star Destroyers opened fire. The Dathomirians were free of Gethzerion's tyranny.


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