Gillic was born in Nashal, Talus. His father was killed by a giant butterfly, and mother died during birth. Little is known about Gillic during his time as an orphan, but we reapeared with one named Nagash and a friend named Sarken. Gillic was making a living in the guild AM in Mos Nox as an architect. He made quite a lot of money this way and amassed a small fortune. He then went to his original dream of running his own guild as a Commando. He left AM and started The Sydicate(TS) on Talus, the south west corner of the map. The guild lasted for about a month until it collapsed due to the lack of membership. He then wondered for several weeks until one by the name of Ogemo recruited him into TXF as it was being created from KG, and the town of Darkmoore was founded on Talus. TXF was lead by Panzer-kg, Redscorp, Eyen, and Ogemo. Gillic joined on the condition that he would be given a leadership position. Gillic was not given the position he eventually earned, but he did earn it over the months. He made a living as a Bounty Hunter until Ravix, a powerful PvPer in TXF, taught him the ways of Teras Kasi and Fencing. After about a year in TXF, Gillic stole a suit of RIS armor from the Darkmoore Cantina. This made him a bit of an outcast, and so he left TXF and formed LXF, on Lok with his new sweatheart Me-ek. This lasted about 4 months until the CU plague hit. When this happened, about 40% of all people on Ahazi died. Gillic, went into hiding after the plague hit in fear of catching it. He was not seen until after the NGE plague hit, which killed off 60% of the remaining people on Ahazi. Only 10% remain. Gillic made a living very quickly as a Commando after the NGE. People needed things blown up. Gillic rejoined TXF. It wasn't what the guild used to be and leadership had fallen under Ravix, Gillic's old mentor. Agian after about 4 months, Gillic left TXF because, they stole from him. A WG Engine which belonged to Gillic was taken by an unknown person, but it was never given to Gillic. Gillic left TXF and formed AIC, the Ahazian Imperial Confederation. The AIC at its peak had 9 members. It failed. Badly. He joined FEDX, a long time Ally of TXF and a powerhouse. Gillic became a Bounty Hunter a short time after. He currently is making a living slaughtering rebels at Restuss

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