Ging Darjeek

Ging Darjeek may be found in the back of the cantina in Bela Vistal, Corellia.

/way corellia 6708 -5783 Ging Darjeek;

Ging is waiting on a bottle of brandy and needs you to do a favor for him...

(The Corellian Destroyer of the Rare Heavy Weapons Collection is found with Ging.)

"Professor" MinnetEdit

  • Reward: 1000 credits

Since he is waiting for a friend, Ging needs someone to pick up a payment for an Offworld Backchannel Cargo Transit Permit - which he explains is a "special" permit which allows people to move cargon on and off planet without the notice of the authorities. He tells you that the meeting is with a fellow named "Professor" Minnet, who leads a group of cargo transit specialists called the Sidepocket Gang. Sounds less than legal, but oh well....

He gives you a location off in the woods around Bela Vistal. Travel there, and speak with the "Professor". He won't pay you, but he gives you a dossier, Minnet's Permit Data, to give to Darjeek with the message that his business is about to be cut short.

Return to Darjeek, who pays you and tells you that he has more work for you.

Siv'rool LinnaieEdit


Siv'rool Linnaie

  • Reward: 1000 credits

Darjeek guesses that his meetings have been bugged, and he knows a Bothan Spy who might have some information on it named Siv'rool. Darjeek asks you to bring in this informant, wounded, but intact.

Travel to the waypoint and convince the informant to come with you (it does't take much). Return to Darjeek for your reward.

Listening PostEdit

  • Reward: 1500 credits

Darjeek's suspicions were correct, the Sidepocket Gang has been spying on him and his clandestine meetings in the wilderness with a sophisticated listening post, which Darjeek now wants blown up. However, if you will just eliminate the fellow who runs the post, he will be happy.

He gives you the location his Bothan spy gave him - travel there and mop up the bad guys (CL4). Return to Ging Darjeek for your reward.

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