Level: 30


  • 11842 Quest XP
  • 11213 credits
  • CorSec Jacket (stat buffs)
  • POI Badge "Rogue CorSec Base on Corellia" at (5227 1590)


The source of the remote signal is a long ways off, so it's best to shuttle to the next destination. Once you arrive, you have several tasks to complete. First, infiltrate three Rogue CorSec bases (guarded by Rogue CorSec CL33):

  • Search for proof, found in the computer at (/way 5201 1611)
  • Kill Commander Hiram Bish (CL32) (/way 5195 1615)
  • Kill Commander Mtara Vinram (CL33) (/way 5215 1585) (he's underground, inside the bunker)

The building at the very back has the proof you need in a computer terminal (/way 5201 1611).

/way purple corellia 5201 1611 Computer;
/way orange corellia 5195 1615 Commander Hiram Bish;
/way orange corellia 5215 1585 Commander Mtara Vinram;

Once the tasks are complete, return to Lt. Jasper to complete the Quest.

Next: Receive the thanks of the grateful Diktat

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