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Gorath is an official Star Wars Galaxies Server, hosted by Sony Online Entertainment.

Community Edit

Name Origin Edit

An Imperial Strike-class cruiser named Gorath was part of Warlord Foga Brill's fleet. It was commanded by Voba Dokrett during the chase for the Teljkon vagabond. Dokrett attacked the vagabond, and the ship responded with force. The Gorath was disabled by the vagabond, with all hands lost in the attack.

Additional Information Edit

Gorath is the unofficial German server, but also has a large American community. Gorath used to be one of the most populated servers but recently many American players left to Bloodfin, while some of the German players transferred their characters to Chimaera. About 90% of those players who left can be labeled "PvP-focused".

GCW ControlEdit

After Game Update 15 launched, servers listed which faction, Imperial or Rebel, had control overall.

Gorath is currently controlled by the Rebellion.

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