Gotal champ

A Gotal Hunting Champion

One of several Gotal clans of poachers who have made The Shadowed Lands of Kashyyyks Rryatt Trail their temporary home. They avoid the strife betweeen the Rodian and Chiss hunters on Kashyyyk by hunting an area no one else hunts, and very few can even reach.

Statistics Edit


  • Natural Level: 80-82
  • HAM: 38479-40829
  • Aggressive: Yes
  • Stalker: No
  • Deathblows: No
  • Social: Yes
  • Tamable: No
  • Mountable: No
  • Difficulty: Normal


  • Ranged

Resources / Loot

  • Bone type: n/a
  • Hide type: n/a
  • Meat type: n/a
  • Milk type: n/a
  • Loot: random loot

Star Wars Lore Edit

Gotals were tall, hairy humanoids who evolved on the moon Antar 4. They had gray-brown faces with reddish eyes, small, flat noses, and shaggy gray fur covering most of their bodies. Their most distinctive features were the twin conical horns growing on the top of their heads, which acted as highly responsive electromagnetic sensors. The unique nature of these sensors shaped Gotal culture, and gave them a place in the Galaxy. Their electromagnetic senses often led them to employment as trackers, soldiers, and bounty hunters. Gotal hunters and soldiers were difficult to ambush or trap, and easily saw through most attempts at camouflage or disguise. They prided themselves on tracking difficult targets, referring to the Gotal proverb "What is easily achieved is easily lost." Some Gotal hunters had developed their empathic skills well enough to accurately and quickly anticipate their enemies' moves—these were referred to as "precogs". These were the champions of Gotal hunting culture, and were fierce foes if provoked.

Sources Edit

Star Wars Wiki

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