Recommended combat levels: 35 and higher


Omkoo in Dearic

In the hustle and bustle of starports, adventurers can sometimes stumble across the strangest things. Recently, there has been a rash of grave robbers showing up at an old Aqualish gravesite. The local Fed Dub authorities can't seem to stop the thieves from showing up to this old site. The Aqualish don't like what's going on and want to put a stop to it. If you have the stomach (or stomachs) for graveyards, see Omkoo in the Dearic Starport.

Omkoo is an Aqualish who can be found in the spaceport of Dearic on Talus.

/way talus 313 -2941 Omkoo;

He is very concerned about grave robbers and wants you to find them and convince them to leave the Aqualish grave sites... permanently.

Investigate the Ruins Edit

Omkoo gives you a waypoint to the Aqualish Gravesite (-4592 4345). Upon arrival, you notice 3 TTLP Soldiers (CL40-49 Elites) milling about, hauling materials from the ruins.

Scare them Off Edit


A TTLP Soldier

Omkoo instructs you to "take care of these scums" by killing them. Kill the 3 Soldiers that are desacrating the Aqualish gravesite. He hopes that the death of these three will discourage further looters.

Note: It is possible to complete this part by killing the TTLP soldier in nashal, it's good if you lose the waypoint to the grave robbers or if you're not CL50 yet.

Retrieving Artifacts - Nashal StarportEdit

Now that the immediate threat of looting has been dealt with, Omkoo sends you to one of two places to reclaim already removed gravesite materials. One of these is the Nashal starport, in a small box guarded by two TTLP Soldiers (CL35) Take them out and reclaim the materials in the box (4415 5351). Wrapped carefully in some cloth, you find a key made of the strangest material. Though it is small enough to fit in the palm of you hand, you are barely able to pick it up because of its weight.

Retrieving Artifacts - Rebel Weapons DepotEdit

The second location of the stolen goods is the Rebel Weapons Depot (-4917 -3124) on Talus. A large box will be guarded by one TTLP Soldier. (CL35) Remove him from the picture and search the box (-4926 -3138). The box found here contains medical equipment. It also has a document from a group calling itself the Talus and Tralus Liberation Party, offering the Alliance their help in exchange for support for their own aims.

Note: you must be flagged as Special Forces to enter the area where the large box is. Whether you are attacked or not depends on who is currently controlling the PvP zone at the moment.

Return to Omkoo Edit

  • Reward: 50000 credits

Return to the Aqualish and converse with him. Omkoo is perplexed as to why the TTLP is interested in Aqualish grave sites, but he is grateful to you for your help. He thanks you, and rewards you for your trouble. This completes the quest.

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