Grenades are thrown explosives that do heavy explosion, chemical or stun damage. There are some supplies of the various grenade models still availiable on the market, though most are no longer craftable per Game Update 5. Hence they can be very costly. All have a 3 second delay and can be thrown 30 meters, affecting a 15m radius. You cannot throw another grenade of the same type for 10 seconds.

Some of the grenades can still be obtained as quest rewards (see individual listings below).

No-Longer Craftable GrenadesEdit

C12 GrenadeEdit

C22 Grenade Edit

Cryoban Grenade Edit

Glop Grenade Edit

Imperial Detonator Edit

Thermal Detonator Edit

Proton Grenade Edit

  • Certified At: No longer craftable per Game Update 5.
  • Combat Level Required: 80
  • Damage Type: Kinetic
  • Attack Speed: 10
  • Damage: 1200-1300
  • Wound: DOT 20 (H), 40 sec.
  • Radius: 15m
  • Range: 0-21m
  • Disables Vehicles, 30 sec.

Quest Reward GrenadesEdit

Fragmentation Grenade Edit

Zicx-Bug Bomb Edit

The Zicx-bug bomb is comprised of living "zicx" (native to the planet Tatooine) suspended in the mysterious digestive fluid of a Sarlacc. The weapon sports an explosive durasteel shrapnel casing and employs a firing mechanism common to the bulk of Imperial ordnance.

Old Republic Fragmentation GrenadeEdit

  • Obtained: Kubaza Beetle Cavern
  • Combat Level Required: 88 (Bio-linked)
  • Base Type: Energy
  • Attack Speed: 10
  • Damage: 700-1500
  • Range: 0-40m
  • Radius: 15m

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