Grobber can be found in a Coronet Hotel located at the south-west of the Corellian city.
/way corellia -455 -4687 Grobber;

This Twi'lek is a member of the Black Sun organization and provides missions to support their operations.

Bring the informant backEdit

  • Reward: 125 credits

Hammond Ballater, a former Black Sun operative, now works for Shalera the Hutt. Grobber needs you to bring him back for interrogation purposes. When you arrive at the given waypoint, take down the ambush made of two CL4 thugs and talk to Hammond.

Kill the traitorEdit

  • Reward: 400 credits

A certain Dev Breeger, infiltrated in the Lady Hutt's organization for the Black Sun, is actually selling confidential informations to her. Find him (CL4) and show no mercy. As Grobber says: Betraying Black Sun means certain death.

If you want to get more involved with Black Sun, you should speak with Zekka Thyne.

Star Wars LoreEdit

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