Gungans are a race of aquatic humanoids. The Gungans are actually two separate races: The Otolla Gungans and the Ankura Gungans. The Otolla Gungans are thin and lanky, while the Ankura Gungans are usually fat and bulky (Boss Nass is an Ankura Gungan.) Otolla Gungans make up the bulk of the population of the Gungan race, and serve in the military. Ankura Gungans usually sit on the high council.

The Gungans were the dominant species on Naboo until the humans came. The Gungans and the Naboo initially distrusted each other, but after a failed invasion by the Trade Federation, a strong alliance was formed and maintained.


Gungan BomberEdit

Gungan BossEdit

Gungan GeneralEdit

Gungan GuardEdit

Gungan War ChiefEdit

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