Schematic Obtained In: Trader (Structures) >> Structure Mastery V

Skill Needed to Use: Politician >> City Customization I

Placeable on: Tatooine, Lok, Dantooine, Naboo, Rori, Corellia, Talus

Item Type: Generic Item >> Decoration(see Items)

Operating costs:

  • Maintenance: 1,500cr/week (also costs 1000cr to place)

Resources Required:

  • 2000 Low Grade Ore
  • 1000 Gemstone

Complexity: 15

Requires: Generic Crafting Tool

XP Gained: 5,000 Structure Crafting XP (normal) / 6,800 Structure Crafting XP (practice)

Relevant Experimental Properties: None.

Notes: Anyone may place one in a structure (with permission) and a mayor with City Customization I may place one in a player city. An additional 1000cr cost will be charged to place the statue in the player city.

During the last crafting step, when you name the item, in the top left hand corner is a drop down menu where you can change what the statue looks like. The styles you can have are:

  • Gungan Head Statue
  • Sentinal Statue
  • Regal Battle Statue
  • Tatooine Sun Symbol
  • Strange Statue
  • Weird Statue
  • Small Imperial Statue
  • Small Rebel Statue

NOTE:in bugbash,level of gungan head statue was raised and is now level 86 item.

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