HC, or the High Council, was a prominent Guild on the Chilastra server before NGE. Started by a wookie by the name of Macaroni, the guild first found home on the planet of Tatooine outside of Anchorhead.

Macaroni, or Mac, left his leadership role, leaving the guild's Master Tailor, Claira, to take his place. It was under Claira's leadership that the guild was most successful, however none were so lovable as Mac. Claira left her Tailoring to a close associate, Silvari Diamondstar, and took on more combative and aggressive roles.

Consisting of Rebels and Neutrals, the guild expanded into a fully functioning community. The guild soon abandoned the deserts of Tatooine to the more vibrant Dantooine, settling near the famous Abandoned Rebel Base. Claira named the city High Taikaha.

After some time, the guild made a sudden move to Talus, but this was not to last long. Just as fast as Dragon Coast was established, an opportunity arose. An alliance was made between HC and RSF, and the guilds returned to Dantooine to rebuild an abandoned city north of the busy Mining Outpost. Aerius Concillium, as it was named soon grew to a metropolis, hosting the "galaxy's" only decorative X-Wing in the center of its commerial district.

However, after Claira relieved herself of leadership, the guild saw a period of collapse. Many new members of the guild were ignorant of the HC's history, and the pride born from the founders hard work was lost. Applicants to the guild were accepted blindly, and the original practices of initiation ignored. Veterans found themselves surrounded by arrogant youth who failed to realize what it took to build the community. HC had earned many comforts in the galaxy, but the enjoyment of them faded as new members took them for granted. Most veterans eventually left to find the old values, but many never did.

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