Hagrin Zeed is the Prime Minister of Talus and can be found in the Dearic City Hall.

You will not be able to speak to him until you finish the quests given by Haleen Snowline.

The MessageEdit

Reward: 30 Credits
Quest Level:

  • Hagrin wants a message delivered to a Courier.
  • When you get to the Couriers location, there will be a Thug there waiting. Take him out and deliver the disk.
  • Return to Hagrin to collect your reward.

The Package Edit

Reward: 30 Credits
Quest Level:

  • Hagrin needs you to go pickup a package from Corporate Sector Authority courier. He send you out with a Bribe to help smooth things over with the contact.
  • When you get to the information broker, there will be a thug waiting for you as well. Take him out and give the Broker the Bribe (he won't give you anything in return).
  • Return to Hagrin to collect your reward.

The Embezzler Edit

Reward: 25 Credits

  • A member of Hagrin's staff has embezzled a large amount of credits. He wants you to go out, find him, and bring him back alive.
  • When you get to the staff members location, there will be two Fed-Deb Patrolmen. Take them out and start escorting the target back to Hagrins office. It's clear all the way there.
  • Talk to Hagrin to finish the quest and get your reward.

The Blackmailer Edit

Reward: 100 Credits

  • Embezzlement was just the beginning. Now one of Hagrins aides has run off and is attempting to blackmail him and Hagrin wants them taken out.
  • Head out to the location you're given to find the Blackmailer and two Fed-Dub Patrolmen. Take them all out.
  • Head back to Hagrin and collect your reward.

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