A harvester has an implicit structure management terminal, which can be used by administrators to maintain the harvester. This is accessed by opening the radial menu of the harvester itself. A harvester terminal has all the standard elements and adds several additional sub-options.

Structure ManagementEdit

Operate MachineryEdit

The operate machinery option brings up the harvester control window. It provides the following:

  • Buttons to turn the harvester on (/harvesterActivate) and off (/harvesterDectivate).
  • A resource panel containing the name, type, and concentration of the resource selected for harvesting and a button to change the resource.
  • A status panel showing the BER and actual extraction rate (BER * concentration), the condition of the harvester, and how full the output hopper is.
  • A button to open the hopper window, allowing the adminstrator to retrieve or destroy(/harvesterDiscardHopper <resource>) any of the resources stored in the output hopper.

Structure PermissionsEdit

Hopper ListEdit

The hopper list option (/setPermission hopper [<name>]) allows the adminstrator to manage the list of those characters with permission to empty the output hopper. The structure administrators are always members of this list.

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