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Harvesting is the act of collecting resources from the environment. These resources are used to craft anything from casual items used for decoration and furniture, to structures, space ships, food and drink, to high end weapons and armor Resources are mainly used by Traders.

Anybody can survey and harvest, however, while Traders are the most efficient to find a good location since they have better Surveying (Skill) anybody can put down a Harvester and pull resources. High end crafters require many more resouce units each day than they could possibly harvest themselves, hence there is a big market for certain types of resources.

Methods of HarvestingEdit

  • Players can harvest Inorganic, Energy, and Flora resources using survey tools as if they were a Novice Artisan.
  • Players can harvest Inorganic, Energy, and Flora resources using mechanical harvesters.
  • Any player participating in a group doing creature hunting can harvest creature resources from animals killed by the group.
  • Players can harvest Milk from creatures that carry Milk (while they are alive).
  • Players can go fishing, which if successful will provide the player with Fish meat, as well as bait for more fishing, and players can scan the waters for shellfish using a Shellfish Tool.
  • Players may also search creature lairs in the wilderness to find Eggs, among other things.

Manual Sampling with Surveying ToolEdit

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Interplanetary Survey Droid for get names of Resources by PlanetEdit

  • You need get Interplanetary Survey Droid from Master Droid Engineer or level as droid engineer tosame level craft them. To launch a Survey Droid you need a Droid and survey to for survey. After 41 minutes you get email from Droid. This droid is one time use with survey tool too.

Need for crafting Interplanetary Survey Droid is following: 40 units of Cabonite Steel. 45 units of Chemical in slots for 20 units and other for 25 units. 30 units of named resouces Vertex Crystalline Gemestone. 35 units of Known Radioactive. 3 Electronics GP Module for 3 slots. 1 Electronics Memory Module.

Using a HarvesterEdit

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Harvesting Creature CarcassesEdit

To harvest a creature is quite simple.

First, kill the creature.

Then open up the radial menu using the ` key (default, the key next to 1)

After opening the radial menu select harvest resources.

Hold the cursor over the harvest tab then a drop down menu will appear.

Which resource you want is the one you select. (meat, hide, or bone)

You can only select one per carcass, and level does determine how much of a resource one does get.


Go up to creature then /milk <target>. You may need move with creature being milked or look for a creature don't move around for easy milking.

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