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Items > Clothing > Headwear

Headwear is a popular part of clothing for many players in SWG, though at the moment the choices are pretty limited (such as Twi'lek's with their lekku) for some species; Wookiee headgear is listed under Wookiee Garb.

  • Ithorian Ceremonial Garb
  • Ithorian Newsboy
  • Ithorian Racing Gear
  • Ithorian Religious Cap
  • Kitchen Master's Hat
  • Large Headwrap
  • Lekku Ys'rak
  • Old Podracer Helmet
  • Pouffy Ithorian Chef Hat
  • Twi'lek Noble's Crest
  • Warm Hat

Headwear of special interest:

  • Helmets that cannot be worn:
    • AT-ST Pilot's Helmet

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