Level: 26


  • 8405 Quest XP
  • 11544 credits


Ol' Vance doesn’t have any of the beacons the Professor needs on him, but he knows where you could get them. First things first though - he has some chores for you. Dee'ja Peak has been threatened of late by several groups, and you are just the one Vance Groten needs to make the town a bit safer.

  • First, kill 13 Naboo Pirates (around CL26) (5314 -1316)
  • Next, kill 12 Maulers (around CL27) (5737 -1185) (Relics available)
  • Next, kill 11 Feral Shaupauts (around CL26)
  • Next, kill Blot (CL26) Two minute respawn.

Now, take a deep breath. Once they’re all dead, return to Vance Groten to complete the Quest.

Rewards: 8405 XP, 11,544 Credits

Next: Find a Security Beacon

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