Recommended combat levels: 80 and higher


Qual'do Herm


Qual'do Herm in the Rebel Hideout.

After helping C-3PO get things straightened out, you'll meet Qual'do Herm. Qual'do is an Aqualish assigned to observe the corporate sector. The rebellion has to be cautious about who they work with, so you'll have to earn his trust as you continue your mission to aid the rebellion.

Qual'do has discovered that the Empire is working with a corporation on Corellia to develop a mysterious compound. He needs a resourceful rebel agent to find out what the Empire is making. Are you up to the challenge?

Previous Quest: The Spy's Contact List

Rebel Themepark Edit

Qual'do Herm is your second contact at the Hidden Rebel Base. You can find him in the medical center inside the Rebel Hideout at /way -6513 6003.

The Ithorian Scientist [Group] Level 85 Edit

Mission Description: An Ithorian Scientist has information about an Imperial project underway on Corellia.

First, you need to converse with the Ithorian scientist T'licl Zanedi at /way -1802 -1171.

Once you finish conversing with him, your quest will update and you will need to head into the nearby base to retrieve 3 items: The Design Overview, the Development Notes, and a Sample of the compound.

Like the last mission, the base is filled with level 84 (and the occasional 85) elites. Fortunately, they are fairly spread out and it should be fairly easy to single pull them. It is possible to solo this mission, although bringing a friend is definitely recommended. The Design Overview can be obtained from an Imperial data disk located at /way -1794 -1184. The Development Notes can be found in a notebook located at /way -1922 -1171. The Sample of the Compound can be found at /way -1889 -1125 in a jar named an unknown compound.

Once all 3 items are retrieved, return to Qual'do Herm for your reward.

Reward: 112,160 Experience, Forest Camouflage Armor Right Biceps and 469 GCW points

Guide Credits: Nebaf

Following Quest: Stolen Starships [group] Level 85

Waypoint Reference:

/way corellia -6513 6003 Qual'do Herm;
/way corellia -1802 -1171 T'licl Zanedi;
/way corellia -1794 -1184 an Imperial data disk;
/way corellia -1922 -1171 a notebook;
/way corellia -1889 -1125 an unknown compound

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