Schematic Obtained In: Artisan >> Novice Artisan
Skill Needed to Use: Marksman >> Novice Marksman
Item Type: Weapons Powerup >> Ranged Powerup
Resources Required:

  • 6 units of Mineral
  • 4 units of Chemical
  • Total: 6 Mineral, 4 Chemical

Complexity: 5
Requires: Generic Crafting Tool
XP Gained: 20 General Crafting XP (normal) / 21 General Crafting XP (practice)
Relevent Experimental Properties:

  • Experimental Effectiveness:
    • Conductivity: 66%
    • Overall Quality: 33%
  • Experimental Efficiency:
    • Decay Resistance: 66%
    • Overall Quality: 33%

Notes: Increases damage output at the cost of increasing the time it takes to fire.

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