There are six total lessons over 21 total levels for the Hit Man:

  • Bounty Hunter Fundamentals I -- Levels 1-3
    Basic combat is key to the career of any hit man. Even the most crude attack can be effective against inexperienced targets.
  • Bounty Hunter Fundamentals II -- Levels 4-6
    Learning your targets vulnerabilities can make a good hit man even better. By deliberately attacking the weak spot of an opponent, it could be possible to defeat them more easily.
  • Bounty Hunter Fundamentals III -- Levels 7-9
    A hit man can opt to disable a target before going in for the kill. This will keep the target from running away or escaping before it can be neutralized.
  • Bounty Hunter Fundamentals IV -- Levels 10-13
    Since some targets will be stronger than others, the hit man should learn a variety of attacks as his or her skill grows.
  • Bounty Hunter Fundamentals V -- Levels 14-17
    A successful hit man knows when to leave honor by the wayside and fight dirty when necessary. Exploiting an opponent's weaknesses is nothing to be ashamed of.
  • Bounty Hunter Fundamentals VI -- Levels 18-21
    How many hit men have failed to fulfil their contracts because the targets have escaped? Keep your target from running is an essential skill that all hit men must learn before advancing in their careers.

After passing the sixth lesson and 21st level, the Hit Man may then work toward the Man Hunter rank.

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