A house has an structure management terminal, which can be used by administrators to maintain the house. This terminal is accessed through it's radial menu. A house terminal has all the standard elements and adds several additional sub-options.

Structure ManagementEdit


The status display contains the following additional information:

  • Whether this is your official residence
  • The number of items in the house

Declare ResidencyEdit

The declare residency option (/declareResidence) allows the owner of the house to designate the house as his or her one and only official residence. If the house is in a player city, the owner will then become a citizen of that city.


The privacy option toggles the house access between private to public.

Find Lost ItemsEdit

The find lost items option allows an adminstrator to locate items that are hidden in the geometry of the house. It brings the "first" item in the house to the character.

Delete All ItemsEdit

The delete all items option deletes every object in the house and should be used with extreme care.

Pack Up The BuildingEdit

The pack up the building option allows the owner to pack-up the house and store it in his or her data pad. All items in the house are included.

Structure PermissionsEdit

Entry ListEdit

The entry list option (/setPermission entry [<name>]) allows the adminstrator to manage the list of those characters with permission to enter the house even though it is designated as a private dwelling. The structure administrators are always members of this list.

Ban ListEdit

The ban list option (/setPermission ban [<name>]) allows the adminstrator to manage the list of those characters excluded from the house even though it is designated as a public dwelling. The structure administrators can not be banned.

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