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Harvester Operations

Site Selection Edit

The best way to find a site for a harvester is to have an artisan survey the planet for a high concentration of the desired resource. Once the resource is located, the harvester may be deployed.

Note: the survey tool may also be used to get a small sample of the resource. This is handy if the characteristics of the resource are unknown; however, sampling is not available for wind and solar and dangerous for radioactive energy resources.

Placing the harvester is simple. A harvester requires one lot; however, it may not be placed too near cities, other structures, points of interest, or even lairs and it require a fairly level place to sit. When you are ready, generate the harvester from the deed's radial menu. You will get a face-down map of the area around your character. Move the cursor to move the placement of the harvester. If the highlight is green, you are allowed to place in that particular spot; if the highlight is red, you have to choose a different location. Yellow areas are not allowed for placing. Right-clicking will rotate the harvester 90 degrees clockwise. The map will be oriented with North facing up. Left-click when the highlight is green to place the harvester in that location.

Harvesting Operation Edit

Once the harvester is deployed using it's deed, it must be prepared for operation. The following operations are supported on the harvester's radial menu:

  • Examine
  • Structure Management: Destroy Structure, Status, Pay Maintenance, Set Name, Operate Machinery, and Deposit Power
  • Structure Permissions: Administrator List and Hopper List

Moving On Edit

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