join today for a job in imperial militia,imperial spaceforce, imperial spec-ops,imperial navy. we have opportunities for every one. (except smugglers) this next guide will give profession specific parts to join: militia:everyone! spaceforce:imp pilot tier 4. spec ops: spys only. imperial navy:anyone with tier 5 pilot skills or enlisted in imperial engineers. Okay heres more about the parts of the army.

IMPERIAL ENGINEER: the imperial engineers are what holds the guild together they supply the guild every thing and help every one they take care of droids and craft them and on pvp space missions they repair the ship to keep it on top performance recognize them in a green and black jumpsuit,and black boots,gloves,and belts

IMPERIAL SPEC-OPS: guild war or not they slupply us with info like as in a guild war they locate guild hiding places so we can attack them they are given missions to more update to what there dealing with. uniform:eather a camo uniform or ubese armor to match terrain color.

IMPERIAL MEDICAL: These keep us alive they fallow medical formation in battle when we base they base we set up a little town from tents they have medical tents about at least 3 or 10 and we have command tents uniform on guild medics white uniform in battle red and white unis


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