The Imperial Army 47th Imperial Expeditionary Force is a mature Imperial Guild on the Chilastra server dedicated to roleplaying the Imperial Army and citizens of the Galactic Empire. Being one of the first PA's on the server, it has long been active in all facets of the game welcoming RPers, PvPers, Questers and Crafters. Although PvP is never mandatory, the guild has taken part in force in many of the historic battles on the server. The 47th IEF has been stationed at the IA Command Center on Naboo, which was one of the original player cities on the server. In serving the Emperor, the 47th IEF takes on many missions from Lord Vader and even the Emperor himself, including being the server's top base killers, having destroyed over 600+ bases before base clubbing destroyed that part of the game and even racking up 42 in a single day.

Currently the 47th IEF is commanded by Surface Marshal Dekard Jaxx. Lieutenant General J'kal Atomics serves as Executive Officer in the 47th IEF, with Captain Vanwolfe Frost as Field Commander and Jento Scelestus as Wing Commander. The IA Command Center, otherwise known as the IACC, is maintained by Public Operations Officer Captain Xia Draith, and the Academt is headed by Lieutenant Acario Genteel. So come join the Imperial Army <IA> and help crush this insignificant rebellion. You may join by visiting the website and filling out an application.

Long Live the Empire!!!

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