Level 41


  • 220 XP
  • 50 Imperial Faction
  • 1000 Credits

This is part of the Crisis of allegiance quest.

Description Edit

Col Ekirk

Col. Ekirk

Speaking with Col Ekirk

Speaking to Colonel Braedic Ekirk (505 -2777) will get you this quest.

He will ask for your assistance in helping him resolve various difficulties he has been having with the Aggregate Civil Liberties Organization (A.C.L.O.).

He will then ask you to speak with Galiir Ac Yander (Who's in Col Ekirks office in the corner by the door)

Speaking with Galiir Ac Yander

Speaking with galiir ac yander, he will ask you to go to the A.L.C.O. office (1275 -3133) to retrive some information on a slicer and kill some saboteurs.

Inside the Base

The base itself is surrounded by ALCO slicers (CL41) and ALCO personnel (CL30) as well as ALCO soldier (CL41)

Inside the base is the same classes as above, as well as ALCO commando (CL41) and ALCO saboteur (CL41) as well as ALCO technicians (CL35) and ALCO officers (CL41).


Find information on the slicer requires you to kill slicers until you receive a popup message with information from the datapad.

You must also kill five saboteurs.

After obtaining the information from killing the slicers, you will get a new objective of killing Leeta Poandeu (CL42)(top level of the base 1295 -3147).

It was previously reported that Leeta had a long respawn, but this may have recently changed, as her respawn appears to be under four minutes.

The problem seems to be that she occasionally respawns under the building and is targetable but un-hittable.

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