An NPC that grants you space missions and trains you in Imperial Pilot skills. There are five trainers within each of the three squadrons, scattered throughout the galaxy. Unlike other profession trainers, you will often be required to complete a quest before you are able to be trained in a skill, even if you have all of the experience required.

Also, you must visit each pilot trainer within a squadron in order, finishing all of one trainer's quests before you can go on to the next. Each trainer will train skills of a particular tier, with the final trainer giving you an Imperial Pilot Ace title.

Imperial Pilot Squadron LocationsEdit

These are the locations of the tier 1 Imperial pilot trainers. Each will give you a starting ship if you have no ships, and will start you on your space career.

Note: In order to switch to a different squadron, you must surrender your Imperial Pilot Initiate skill by talking to a Imperial Pilot Coordinator. You can then talk to a different squadron trainer to join that squadron.

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