An Imperial Swamp Trooper

Identified by their green armor, the swamp trooper is the variant of the Scout Trooper sent into jungle environments to combat the enemies of the Empire.

Swamp troopers are found at the Imperial vs. Gungan Battle POI on Naboo (4825 -3819).

Statistics Edit


  • Natural Level: 33
  • Aggressive: Yes
  • Stalker: No
  • Deathblows: No
  • Social: Yes
  • Tamable: No
  • Mountable: No
  • Difficulty: Normal


  • Melee/Ranged

Resources / Loot

  • Random

Star Wars LoreEdit

Swamp troopers were a segment of the scout trooper division of the Stormtrooper Corps.

These specialized soldiers were deployed to dense, swamp theaters and wore upgraded, green armor that allowed for easier operations in humid and poisonous environs. While training aided the swamp troopers in navigating the swamps, a sealed suit and bodyglove, custom rebreather, emergency floatation package, and enhanced viewfinder provided a greater chance of survival in the often dangerous swamps in which they operated.

Swamp troopers were deployed with the Golan Arms FC-1 flechette launcher or the Imperial heavy repeater. The early versions of swamp trooper armor closely resembled the armor of the Galactic Republic's clone swamp troopers, although later versions were more refined and specialized.


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