A player is incapacitated when he receives damage to his Health pool causing it to reach zero. At this point, the character is unconscious and is unable to do anything until the timer reaches zero. Becoming incapacitated (or "incapped") automatically takes the player out of battle, but does not remove states, buffs, or Faction setting. While a player is incapped, he is vulnerable to a deathblow by an opponent, which will kill the character. The time which a player is incapacitated is usually 10 seconds; however, certain foods such as Cavaellin Creams can reduce the incapacitation timer.

Once a player has regained consciousness from being incapacitated, a small icon will appear just below their HA bar. When the mouse cursor is placed over the icon, it will have a timer and an indication that if the player is incapacitated again before the timer is over, he will be dead.

NPC's and creatures cannot be incapacitated, but instead are immediately killed when their health pool reaches zero.

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