After completion of the Fundamentals of the Force Sensitive profession, the Student, then moves on to the rank of Initiate. The Force Sensitive Initiate learns the Essentials of using the Force. This will not only increase their knowledge of using the Force for attacking and defense, but to also teach them to use it for healing. The Force Sensitive Initiate also starts their training in Lightsaber crafting and wielding. There are a total of six lessons over 24 total levels for the Initiate:

  • Force Sensitive Essentials I - Levels 22-25
    Using the Force for self-defense is one of the first lessons learned by the Force sensitive initiate. Methods of manipulating the Living Force are learned in order to make the combatant more resilient to attack.
  • Force Sensitive Essentials II - Levels 26-29
    Building upon the previous lesson, the Force sensitive initiate learns to channel the power of Physical Force for a more effective defense.
  • Force Sensitive Essentials III - Levels 30-33
    The Force sensitive initiate begins to learn only the most basic tenets of the Vaapad fighting style. A more aggressive fighting style, focus is centered around strength and speed.
  • Force Sensitive Essentials IV - Levels 34-37
    A calm mind is vital to the success of any sort of combat. The Force sensitive initiate learns the importance of relaxation and meditiation techniques.
  • Force Sensitive Essentials V - Levels 38-41
    Becoming locked with an opponent in martial combat is inevitable. It is important for the Force sensitive initiate to learn how to overpower and overcome the enemy in these situations.
  • Force Sensitive Essentials VI - Levels 42-45
    Before advancing to the next phase of training, the Force sensitive initiate must be trained in the use of the Niman fighting style. This is a generally balanced form of combat, borrowing several varied techniques from other fighting styles.

After passing the sixth lesson and 45th level, the Initiate may then work towards the Adept rank.

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