An Instant Travel Vehicle (ITV) is a very useful asset for any Star Wars Galaxies player. There are different types of ITVs.

Travel ITVEdit


It is a skill that allows players to call a "transport" that will allow them to travel to any Spaceport, Shuttleport or Camp on the planet (but not from planet to planet) they are currently on every planet (except Kashyyyk), for free.

By using a simple command on your toolbar, a player can click the mouse and have an X-Wing, shuttle, a TIE fighter or a Rattletrap ready to take them where they need to go.

While there is no difference in their function, there are five different-looking "transports" players can call:


  • You cannot call the ITV in most NPC cities or PvP zones.
  • A minimum of "clear" area is required for a pick-up.
  • Only the caller of the ITV can use the ITV.
  • ITVs cannot be used on Kashyyyk.
  • The ITV will stay in the world for 1 minute before vanishing.
  • You can't travel with the ITV if you have a called droid, familiar, or beast.

House ITVEdit

It's an item that the owner can drop in a house of his choice and that he can program to several destinations in the galaxy. He and the house visitors will be able to be transported to the preset destinations by radialing the ITV.

Homeport ITVEdit

It's an item that allows the owner to be transported to his declared residency.

Destinations ITVEdit

It's an item that allows the owner to be transported to several preset destinations.

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