Intrepid is an official Star Wars Galaxies Server, hosted by Sony Online Entertainment. Set to be shutdown October 15, 2009.

Community Edit

Name Origin Edit

There are two possible origins for this server's name:

  • A New Republic Nebulon-B frigate named Intrepid was part of the supply convoy travelling to Liinade III, when it was brought out of hyperspace by the Interdictor cruiser Binder near system M2934738. The attacking ships, under the direction of Prince-Admiral Krennel, pounded the lead ship - the Pride of Selonia - the second it dropped into realspace, preventing any sort of counterattack and destroying it instantly. The Intrepid managed to pour a large amount of laser fire into the Binder before the Reckoning opened fire on her. The might of the this assault broke the Intrepid into two pieces, which spiralled away from each other as the ship died in space.
  • A New Republic Endurance-class fleet carrier named Intrepid was built and assigned to the Fifth Battle Group just prior to the Yevethan Great Purge. It served as the flagship of the fleet, under the command of Etahn A'baht and led the initial, though unsuccessful, blockade of Doornik-319. The captain at this time watched the 'Ahazi' plunge into the atmosphere of Bessimir, where it was destroyed.

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