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Irenez is in the capitol building in Coronet on Corellia at (-234, -4574). She seems to be the gate keeper for Garm Bel Iblis and has some missions against the Black Sun. Once you finish her missions, you can talk to Garm.

Mission 1: find the accountantEdit

You are sent to bring Tessa Wylden to Irenez. Tessa is a Black Sun accountant and has three thugs (CL 4) protecting her. After defeating them and speaking with Tessa, return to Irenez for a reward (100cr).

Mission 2: stop the assassinEdit

Irenez discovered that Black Sun has hired an assissin, called Skazz (CL 22), to kill the head of CorSec and you are to "stop him cold." Return to Inenez for a reward (200cr).

Mission 3: stop the weapons dealEdit

The Imperials are selling weapons to the Black Sun and you are to take out the thugs who are waiting at the weapons drop. After killing 1 CL 17 and 3 CL 4 thugs, return for a reward (500cr).

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