Recommended combat levels: 80 and higher


Jan Dodonna in the Rebel Themepark.

Jan Dodonna is one of the famous star wars characters which appear in the game. He can be found at several different locations where he will be giving out missions belonging to various quests.

Rebel ThemeparkEdit

Mission 1 Edit

He can be found outside the Temple of Exar Kun at  /wp 5072 5502

AT-ST Destruction [Group] Level 90

Description: General Jan Dodoona has ordered you to destroy an AT-ST that is being repaired at a nearby Imperial encampment.

The AT-ST can be found about 1300 meters east at approximately /way 6471 5549. This mission looks easy, but looks can be deceiving. When you arrive you should see 3 level 90 elite Stormtroopers. Once you kill them, destroy the AT-ST. Immediately after you place the explosives a system message will appear: "As you plant the explosives on the AT-ST, you hear the sounds of some Stormtroopers returning to the camp".

Two elite level 89 Stormtroopers will spawn. After you kill them, two more elite level 89 Stormtroopers will spawn. And after you kill them 2 more elite level 89 Stormtroopers will spawn along with an elite level 90 Imperial NCO. Once you kill them, the mission will be completed.

Return to General Dodonna for your reward.

Reward: 129,095 Experience

Mission 2 Edit

Bomb Squad [Group] Level 90

Description: General Dodonna wants you to remove a squad of stormtroopers who have been providing Rebel targets for bombing runs by TIE bombs.

The squad of Stormtroopers can be found in front of The Temple of the Blueleaf at approximately /way -940 -2100. These Stormtroopers are elite level 91 NPCs. You should be able to single pull them with relative ease. The Stormtrooper squad leader can be found at approximately /way -938 -2125. He is an elite level 92 NPC. As with the others you should be able to pull him with relative ease.

Once you kill 6 Stormtroopers and the squad leader, return to General Dodonna for your reward.

Reward: GCW Points and 129,095 Experience

Mission 3 Edit

Covering an X-Wing [Group] Level 90

Description: Provide cover for an X-Wing that needs to take off. It must get to Dantooine with information for Admiral Ackbar.

You will be given a waypoint to the Decoy X-Wing which is located about 700 meters away at approximately /way 5851 5391. Once you give the pilot the signal to begin, an elite level 89 elite Stormtrooper along with an elite level 90 Stormtrooper. Once you kill them, two elite level 90 Stormtroopers will spawn as well as an elite level 92 Dark Trooper. Finally, 3 elite level 92 Dark Troopers will spawn. Soon as you kill them the mission will complete.

Return to General Dodonna for your reward

Reward: GCW Points, 129,095 Experience and a Rebel Assault Forest Camouflage Armor Chest Plate

Next to Luke Skywalker

Star Wars LoreEdit

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