Level: 14


Recommended combat levels: 10 and higher


The datapad you got from Zef points you toward a sandcrawler belonging to Jawas who may have what you seek. Head to the sandcrawler (-3664 -4756); when you get there a new waypoint will be received to an emergancy beacon signal. At the location (-3805 -4721) you find FA-2PO, who is concerned about a Sand People attack on his master's sandcrawler. The droid asks you to slay 5 Tuskens (CL14). Once these are dead, the droid tells you that he needs 4 encryption keys which have been stolen by another group of Sand People (CL14). Once you’ve killed enough Tuskens to get the encryption keys, return once more to the Jawas and speak with FA-2PO. The droid gives you a datapad. Open your inventory, and right click the Jawa Leader’s Datapad to download the inventory. This will complete your Quest.

Next: Valarian Haul

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