JMC Front

Jedi Master Cloak Brown (Front)


Jedi Master Cloak Brown (Back)


Jedi Master Cloak Black (Back)

Jedi Master Cloak is a type of jedi cloak.

Required profession: Jedi
Required level to equip: 80
Tradeable: Yes
Bio-link: Yes (manual)
Force Protection Intensity: Luminous
Skill Mods:

2 Piece Bonus


  • Kinetic: 5600
  • Energy: 5600
  • Heat: 5600
  • Cold: 5600
  • Acid: 5600
  • Electricity: 5600


  • Looted from CY-M Prototype in the HK-47 Quest.
  • With this cloak equipped and since it's a hood-up version, you can't wear an additional hat.
  • Invisible when worn by Wookiees or Ithorians.

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