Obi-Wan Kenobi in his Jedi Robes

Jedi robe is a category of jedi clothing. Except for the Padawan Robe, Initiate Robe, and the Elder Jedi Arbiter Robe, these robes are usually looted from NPCs. The Acolyte Robe, Apprentice Robe, and Jedi Knight Robe currently come in two different colors, a white-tan or dark red-brown. Both colors may be equipped by both Light or Dark Jedi. There are no race or gender restrictions for wearing Jedi Robes, although the boots will be invisible on Trandoshan characters.

Jedi robesEdit

Force protection
Robe Intensity Rating Percentage Level Skill mods
Padawan Robe -- -- -- 1 +10 Agility
Padawan Robe Faint 1400 14.4% 20 +21 Agility
Initiate's Robe Faint 1400 14.4% 20 +21 Constitution
Acolyte Robe (light) Weak 3000 28.5% 40 +100 Constitution, +100 Strength
Acolyte Robe (dark) Weak 3000 28.5% 40 +100 Constitution, +100 Precision
Apprentice Robe (light) Lucent 4000 36.0% 60 +145 Constitution, +145 Strength
Apprentice Robe (dark) Lucent 4000 36.0% 60 +145 Constitution, +145 Precision
Jedi Knight Robe (light) Luminous 5000 42.5% 80 +185 Constitution, +185 Strength, +185 Agility
Jedi Knight Robe (dark) Luminous 5000 42.5% 80 +185 Constitution, +185 Precision, +185 Luck
Elder Jedi Arbiter Robe Radiant 6500 50.4% 80 +250 Constitution,+250 Strength, +250 Agility
Elder Jedi Oppressor Robe Radiant 6500 50.4% 80 +250 Constitution, +250 Precision, +250 Luck

2 Piece BonusEdit

Jedi robes (or Jedi cloaks) worn with Belt of Master Bodo Baas receive additional skill mods:

  • +55 Constitution
  • +25 Strength
  • +25 Precision
  • +15 Lightsaber Assembly
  • +5 Lightsaber Experimentation

Equippable clothingEdit

Clothing items (Including clothing classified as assault, battle or reconnaissance armor as well as suits of armor) can be worn with Jedi robes:

Note: You may now wear backpacks and bandoliers with jedi robes.

Equippable jewelryEdit

Jewelry items can be worn with Jedi robes:

Jewelry setsEdit

Jedi braceletsEdit

Each of these bracelets are found as loot from treasure maps.

Star Wars loreEdit

In keeping with the tenets of modesty and humility, the Jedi traditionally wore simple and comfortable long, flowing robes, including tunics, pants, and a cloak, of which each generally varied in tones and shades of white and brown. The Jedi also wore utility belts, where they carried specialized field gear for their missions, and leather boots. The colors were in stark contrast to the antithetical Sith, who were draped primarily in black. Exceptions were sometimes made, most notably in the cases of Anakin Skywalker (an omen of things to come perhaps) and his son, Luke. Other exceptions include Luminara Unduli, Ahsoka Tano, Shaak Ti, and Barriss Offee.

During the post-Imperial era with Luke and the reformed Jedi Order, the dress code became more flexibile, allowing the Jedi to wear clothes closer to what they preferred, within reason. Some Jedi, like Corran Horn and Ganner Rhysode, still resorted to wearing the traditional robes, while other Jedi who were also accomplished pilots, like the Solo children, Jaina, Jacen and Anakin, preferred to wear jumpsuits, simple and useful outfits that allowed the Jedi to have more mobility as well as advantages for piloting. In events that demanded formality, or Jedi gatherings, however, traditional Jedi robes were required.

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