Items that are looted, and can be sold to a Junk Dealer are known as "Junk Loot". The best way to know if you have looted "Junk Loot" is to see if the item displays "This item can sold to a Junk Dealer". Many of these items can be used by Droid Engineer, Tailor or Weaponsmith to reverse engineer into modifier bits. Modifier bits are used to make Skill Enhancing Attachments (SEA's) or Power-Ups (PUP's). Organic loot cannot be reverse engineered, nor can a few other items such as attache cases, clamps, molecular clamps, toolkits, unidentified serum vials, larva, indigenous bug collection or any Kashyyyk or Mustafar junk loots.

Tip: grab a backpack and save any junk loot that can be used in reverse engineering. It stacks and will save you many credits later on. Or you can sell it to the professions mentioned above.

You can get special types of junk from the planets Kashyyyk and Mustafar.

Here is a list of known junk:

Organic (From Creatures) Edit

Name Image Sell price
Antenna Antenna 510 Credits
Brain Brain 300 Credits
Eye Eye 300 Credits
Gland Gland 300 Credits
Heart Heart 250 Credits
Leg Leg 300 Credits
Nerve Complex Gland 750 Credits
Organ Organ 300 Credits
Stomach 150 Credits


Name Image Sell price
Armor Repair Device Armorrepairdevice 10000 Credits
Bearing Bearing rare Credits
Bundle of Tools 510 Credits
Chassis Blueprints Chassisblueprint 250 Credits
Cheap Jewel Cheapjewel 1000 Credits
Comlink 25 Credits
Data Housing Datahousing 155 Credits
Demagnitized Datadisk Demagnitizeddatadisk 155 Credits
Dented Metal Case Dentedmetalcase 280 Credits
Ear Jewel Earjewel 1000 Credits
Explosive Dud Explosivedud 110 Credits
Hyperdrive Unit Hyperdriveunit 210 Credits
Id Chip Idchip 25 Credits
Impulse Detector Impulsedetector 45 Credits
Indigenous Bug Collection Indigenousbugcollection ?? Credits
Larva Larva 750 Credits
Laser Trap Lasertrap 740 Credits
Launcher Tube Launchertube 25 Credits
Ledger Ledger 20 Credits
MagSeal Detector Magsealdetector 70 Credits
Mark VII Vocabulation Module Softwaremodule 870 Credits
Medical Console Medicalconsole 175 Credits
Medical Device Medicaldevice 280 Credits
Motor Motor 250 Credits
Plugged Hydraulics System Pluggedhydralicssystem 870 Credits
Power Output Analyzer Poweroutputanalyzer 430 Credits
Rations Kit Rationskit 740 Credits
Restraining Device Restrainingdevice 100 Credits
Shield Module Shieldmodule 210 Credits
Software Module Softwaremodule 280 Credits
Survival Gear Survivalgear 1000 Credits
Underpowered Survey Pad Underpoweredsurveypad 740 Credits
Unidentified Serum Vial Unidentifiedserumvial 155Credits
Unpowered Memory Encryptor Underpoweredmemoryencryptor 155 Credits
Used Notebook Usednotebook 250Credits
Weak Droid Battery Weakdroidbattery 280 Credits
Wiring (comes in assorted colors) Wiring 25 Credits
Worklight Worklight 1000 Credits

Kashyyykian Junk Edit

Name Image Sell price
Archaic Sayormi Blade Archaicsayormiblade 150 Credits
Black Potion Blackpotion 100 Credits
Bolotaur Fang 325 Credits
Bolotaur Scale 275 Credits
Corrupted Fruit Corruptedfruit 200 Credits
An unsori's blood  ?? Credits
An unsori's intestines  ?? Credits
Decryptor Decrypter 43 Credits
Fern Bicker Brain Brain 75 Credits
Jyykle Vulture Beak Jundaktalon 75 Credits
Kashyyyk Bantha Fur Kashyyykbanthafur 200 Credits
Kashyyyk Bantha Horn Jundaktalon 175 Credits
Kkryytch Feather Kkryytchfeather 75 Credits
Minstyngar Horn 450 Credits
Minstyngar Fang 500 Credits
Mouf Paw Ro-roopaw 200 Credits
Mouf Pelt 250 Credits
Mystical Scroll Mysticalscroll 150 Credits
Mystical Tome (various colors) Mysticaltome1Mysticaltome2 200 Credits
Orange Potion 160 Credits
Potion Component Potioncomponent 170 Credits
Pug Jumper Tongue Organ 75 Credits
Purple Potion Purplepotion 180 Credits
Red Potion Redpotion 160 Credits
Ro-roo Paw Ro-roopaw 75 Credits
Sathog Snout Organ 75 Credits
Skeletal Human Remains ?? Credits
Sumi Heart ?? Credits
Sumi Dagger ?? Credits
Uller Horn Jundaktalon 250 Credits
Uller Molar Ullarmolar 200 Credits
Varactyl Claw Varactylclaw 250 Credits
Varactyl Feather Kkryytchfeather 300 Credits
Varactyl Horn ?? Credits
Walluga Ear 400 Credits
Walluga Foot 425 Credits
Webweaver Leg 325 Credits
Webweaver Poison Sac 375 Credits
Wookiee Jawbone ?? Credits

Mustafarian Junk Edit

Name Image Sell price
Bottle of Mustafarian Creature Blood Unidentifiedserumvial 500 Credits
Decorated Lava Rock Decoratedlavarock 500 Credits
Jundak Talon Jundaktalon 500 Credits
Lava Flea Leg Antenna 500 Credits
Mustafarian Creature Bone Mustafariancreaturebone 500 Credits
Mustafarian Creature Brain Brain 500 Credits
Mustafarian Creature Intestines Mustafariancreatureintestines 500 Credits
Mustafarian Insect Antenna Antenna 500 Credits
Mustafarian Insect Eye Eye 500 Credits
Mustafarian Insect Mandible Leg 500 Credits
Pair of Lava Rock Tongs Pairoflavatongs 500 Credits
Patch of Tough Hide Patchoftoughhide 500 Credits
Piece of Onyx Jewelry Pieceofonyxjewelry 500 Credits
Small Mining Tool Smallminingtool 500 Credits
Tulrus Horn Jundaktalon 500 Credits

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