Schematic Obtained In: Shipwright >> Master Shipwright
Skill Needed to Use: Freelance Pilot >> Flight Artistry
Skill Needed to Use: Alliance Pilot >> Rebel Alliance Master Pilot
Skill Needed to Use: Imperial Navy Pilot >> Imperial Pilot Ace
Item Type: Ship Components >> Ship Chassis
Resources Required:

  • 60000 units of Steel
  • 10000 units of Steel
  • 10000 units of Low-Grade Ore
  • 10000 units of Low-Grade Ore
  • 10000 units of Inert Petrochemical
  • 10000 units of Aluminum
  • 10000 units of Iron
  • 10000 units of Fiberplast
  • 10000 units of Siliclastic Ore
  • 10000 units of Copper

  • Total: 70000 Steel, 20000 Low-Grade Ore, 10000 Inert Petrochemical, 10000 Aluminum, 10000 Iron, 10000 Fiberplast, 10000 Siliclastic Ore, 10000 Copper

Complexity: 43
Requires: Specialzed Starship Crafting Tool and Starship Crafting Station
XP Gained: XX Shipwright XP (normal) / YY Shipwright XP (practice)
Relevent Experimental Properties:

  • Experimental Hitpoints:
    • Maximum Hitpoints:
      • Heat Resistance: 25%
      • Overall Quality: 25%
      • Shock Resistance: 25%
      • Unit Toughness: 25%
  • Experimental Mass:
    • Maximum Mass:
      • Malleability: 25%
      • Overall Quality: 25%
      • Shock Resistance: 25%
      • Unit Toughness: 25%

Temporary Schematic:
This schematic is a temporary schematic that is acquired by finding schematic fragments when reverse-engineering space loot. There are eight fragments that need to be combined into the schematic using the Component Analysis Tool. Once created, only a Master Shipwright can learn the schematic. Each schematic will allow 3-6 Firesprays to be made.
In game schematic description:
KSE Firespray
KSE Firespray
The Firespray-class patrol and attack ship has been recently re-introduced to the market by Kuat Systems Engineering. Although the original design was generated a number of years earlier, the prototype vessels built at that time were all lost in the hangar where they were being stored during an unfortunate prison escape incident. A sole ship survived the catastrophe and the design has since attained some notoriety owing to the escapades of its pilot. Rather than building to contract, KSE had generated the Firespray design as a project to shop around and had fronted all the cash for the prototypes, confident that once people had seen their performance purchase orders would come rolling in. Instead, the loss of the prototypes put the company in financial dire straights with nothing concrete to show for the Firespray project, and no way to generate interest in the product through demonstrations. Having already drained accounts originally stocked by a huge initial financial outlay, KSE mothballed the project and everything that had been built so far, including reams of technical data and all of the specialized tools used to build the prototype vessels. KSE then went on to enhance their existing offerings and go on to carve an even larger niche for themselves in the market for post-sale ship upgrade kits.

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