Kaadara is a favorite place for Bounty Hunters to visit, because of its Bounty Hunter Mission Terminals and Informants in close proximity. It is also a frequent visit to starting Imperial pilots. The city doesn't have many buildings beyond the usual facilities, thus it is rather small and quick to move around in.

Kaadara is the northernmost city on Naboo, and lies on the side of a sandy beach, which makes it a popular tourist destination. Players can relax on the ocean's shores in a wooden chair.

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Kaadara, Naboo
(under Imperial control)

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Quest NPCsEdit

/way naboo 5167 6674 Dakk;
/way naboo 5156 6634 Huff Zinga;
/way naboo 4972 6719 Ketter Yaaran;
/way naboo 4973 6709 Leb Slesher;
/way naboo 5046 6787 Mullud Bombo;
/way naboo 5190 6819 Tamvar Senzen;
/way naboo 5093 6753 Lt. Harmon Vintollo (Geonosian Cave);

Herald NPCsEdit

/way naboo 5130 6820 A commoner (Imperial Weapons Research Facility);