Karin Featherlight is a female Twi'lek located in Coronet, Corellia. She's engaged in a campaign for Corellian political elections.

/way corellia -184 -4460 Karin Featherlight

You seem a bit too simple-minded to be a politician. Therefore, you wouldn't be in league with my rival in office. Though... something about you suggests you are an adventurer. You hunger for information. Today is your lucky day for I have such information.

Ahh, I was correct. Not so fast, my friend. I shall not just hand over the information to just anyone. You must promise me something. Promise to have you and your minions, friends, whatever, vote for me in the next election. If you promise and do not fullfill, you will be hunted down, I assure you.

You promised too easily and readily. I do not really trust you. Nor, I suppose, can a politician be trusted. You'll have to take this information lightly. I may give you a location that doesn't exist. We're both on even ground now. If forced, I'll wrap you into some elaborate story that will hurt the integrity of my rival. That should do the trick.

I have certain information regarding a meddling band of Rogue Corsec and an insignificant Drall Patriots Hideout.

I have no clue, really. While campaigning across this forsaken planet, my people came across it. I suppose I can download it into your silly datapad. Now, go. I have an election to win.

Karin Featherlight then downloads waypoints for the Rogue CorSec Base and the Drall Patriot's Cave to your datapad.

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