Katarn Armors

Rebel and neutral versions of Katarn armor


Imperial Katarn armor

Katarn armor, also known as Clone Trooper armor, is awarded to players who complete the Clone Relics quest Avenging Mort. Three different versions of the armor exist, and the version granted depends on a player's faction. Rebels will receive white armor with red highlights, Imperials black armor with green highlights, and civilians white armor with blue highlights. The Armor is Bio-Linkable. This means that once it is bio-linked, the armor cannot be worn by other players.

All Katarn armor pieces have identical properties, 5664 resist to all forms of damage. The Katarn armor is a type of battle armor.

It is favored among newer players for its look and quality protection that it offers. Another advantage to newer players is the relative ease to get it through the quest.

One unique property of the this armor is that it can be worn by anyone, as long as they are certified to wear armor, with no species or gender restrictions. This means that even Ithorians and Wookiees can equip it.

Be aware that since the quest to get it is a Clone Relics Mission, you must have the expansion: "Rage of the Wookiees" to run the mission. You must be at least level 22 to equip the armor.

Note that "Katarn" Armor is actually Clone Trooper Phase II armor. The type of Katarn armor that a player receives for completing the quest depends upon which faction they are allied to, with Rebel-aligned players getting Mark IV (white with red trim), Imperial-aligned players getting Mark VII (black with green trim) and neutral players getting Mark II (white with blue trim).

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