Kerritamba Village.

Kerritamba Village

Kerritamba Village.

One of the few remaining free Wookiee settlements on Kashyyyk, Kerritamba Village has been the home of the Kerritamba people for generations. The villagers charge themselves with the protection of their native Kkowir Forest and the Great Tree, which recently has fallen to the dark powers of the Sayormi people of the Dead Forest. Adventurers who help Chief Kerritamba fight off the Sayormi and restore the Great Tree can become heroes of the village; those who cross the Chief, however, will be outcast from the village permanently.

Game Information Edit

Kerritamba Village is the location of one of the largest quest arc on Kashyyyk, the Search for the Cure: Part I series which contains the Arena Champion quest and also links to the Outcasts series.

Important inhabitants include:

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