Health: 147k
Level: 83
Difficulty: Boss
Located: /way -1202 112 6235
Planet: Dathomir

There are 2 elite NPCs guarding the door. I recommend you kill any that are aggressive. On the way down, you may see some level 87 elite spiders. They WILL NOT aggro you, so I recommend you ignore them. You will eventually come across a room with plenty of holes. One of these leads down to a room filled with 7 to 8 spiders (including the Queen).

Kill all the spiders or they will attack you as you fight Kiin'Dray. Kiin'Dray will spawn once you kill the Queen.

As you attack Kiin'Dray, be careful. If you take too long, the spiders will respawn and attack you which may compromise the encounter.

The Giant Gaping Spider Kiin'Dray is considered to be the boss of the Nightspider Clan Cave on Dathomir. This encounter was completed with a group of four people - two level 90, a level 80, and one level 74. None were a medic and the group did not have much trouble. People have also soloed the beast.

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