Kirkin Liawoon





Kirkin Liawoon, located in Coronet - Corellia, is the Selonian Ambassador Plenipotentiary from the Overden of Selonia to Corellia whose sept-mate is investigating anti-Selonian activity among Corellian humans.

/way corellia -177 -4498 Kirkin Liawoon

He suspects an industrial espionage by the human-controlled Corellian Engineering Corporation against Selonian shipbuilding interests and requests your help.

Bring Lacnor back Edit

Reward: 75 credits

Locate Kirkin's sept-mate, Lacnor Liawoon, in the wilderness at the waypoint provided. Once Lacnor is located, a CL4 Thug will spawn and attack you. Kill the Thug and speak with Lacnor. She indicates she sent some probe droids to covertly survey a gathering of anti-Selonian humans. She says to return to Ambassador Liawoon at once as the proceedings alarm her.

The Holorecording Edit

Reward: none

Meet Kiantryl Liawoon in the wilderness and bring back the holorecording containing everything from a recent secret anti-Selonian meeting, possibly planting the seeds of race hatred beliefs coming from human leaders of the Corellian industry. Once again, a CL4 thug will attack you at the meeting location, kill him then talk to Kiantryl. You'll be given a datadisc named Anti-Selonian Meeting, return to Kirkin.

Rescue Lacnor Edit

Reward: none

Lacnor has been kidnapped by powerful figures of the Corellian society. Rescue her before they bring her back to a city and begin their unspeakable treatments. When you arrive at the given waypoint, you'll be attacked again by three CL4 thugs, which you'll dispatch. Talk to Lacnor and return to Kirkin.

You have rendered an admirable service to my people. Selonia will not forget. Thank you.

Star Wars LoreEdit

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