Anakin's friend from Episode 1: The Phantom Menace is having some problems with some locals. Do a couple of his missions to receive a podracing helmet with Anakin's name on it.

Location: Kitster is standing in the slave quarters area in south west Mos Espa, Tatooine at -2887, 2494.

Species: Human


Mission 1Edit


  • 1500 credits
  • Old Podracer Helmet - A worn helmet with a pair of dirty goggles attached to it. The tag inside it says "Anakin Skywalker"

Description: Kister has been trying to help Tatooine slaves get better treatment. This offended a slaver named Drik Bandrik who has framed Kister for stealing a droid from some violent jawas. Head to (-2882 941) and kill the target Jawa and the 3 Jawas defending him (all CL16).

Once you have killed them return to Kitster.

Mission 2Edit


  • 1800 credits

Description: Kill the rodian, Deeng then return to Kitster.

Mission 3Edit


  • 1500 credits
  • Droid Brain

Description: Kill the aqualish, Sont Toipo then return to Kitster.

Mission 4Edit


  • 2300 credits

Description: Speak with Krin Vel don't kill them, then return to Kitster.

Mission 5Edit


  • 2500 credits

Description: Follow the waypoint to Thermal Det, give him the evidence then return to Kitster.

Star Wars LoreEdit

From the OS Databank.


Kitster was one of Anakin Skywalker's friends before the young Podracing champ left Tatooine for the life of a Jedi. An optimistic human boy about the same age as Anakin, Kitster was part of Anakin's pit team in the fateful Boonta Eve Classic race that saw young Skywalker win his freedom.

Expanded UniverseEdit

Having not seen his father, smuggler Rakir Banai, in years, Kitster abandoned dreams of rescue and instead hoped to someday become a majordomo for a wealthy Mos Espa estate.

A short time prior to the Boonta Eve Classic, Anakin and Kitster narrowly avoided disaster when the pair discovered a secret cargo of slaves transported to Mos Espa by the unscrupulous Dug, Sebulba. A group of delicate Ghostling children, including Princess Arawynne, were to be sold to Gardulla the Hutt. Anakin, Kitster, and few other friends disguised themselves as Jawas and infiltrated Gardulla's estate, freeing the doomed children.

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