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Kor vella starport

The Kor Vella Starport


Kor Vella's northern half

Kor vella guild hall

One of the Guild Halls

Kor Vella is a widespread city in north-western Corellia that is strewn out among many hills and valleys. The local starport is removed from the bulk of the city and is protected by a small Imperial base to its north. Like other Corellian cities, Kor Vella struggles to distinguish itself from under the shadow of Coronet.

Kor Vella once served as a Imperial crackdown city, but that functionality was revamped with Publish 14's GCW changes.

City Services Edit

Facilities Edit

Trainers Edit

  • None

Faction LocationsEdit

  • None

Quest NPCsEdit

/way corellia -3233 3084 Chertyl Ruluwoor;
/way corellia -3414 3336 Denell Kel'vannon;
/way corellia -3335 2921 Gilken Budz;
/way corellia -3463 3051 Lasha Bindari;
/way corellia -3456 3088 Skinkner;

Star Wars LoreEdit

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