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Kormund Thrylle

An informant working for the Rebellion and located in Bestine, on Tatooine.

/way tatooine -1043 -3530 Kormund Thrylle

He's offering a couple quests to Combatant or Special Forces rebel players.

Deliver the MessageEdit


Reen Loruk

Reward: 100 Rebel Faction Points

You're asked to deliver an important message to Reen Loruk, 500m outside of the city limits. When you arrive, a CL7 Probot Seeker is attacking you, take it down and talk to Reen, then get back to Kormund.

Escort the Rebel SoldierEdit


Rodius Tharn

Reward: 200 Rebel Faction Points

Find Rodius Tharn 800m away. After dispatching the 2 CL14 Mos Eisley police officers around him, talk to Rodius then get back to Kormund.

You handle yourself pretty well -- you should consider a career in intelligence. Thanks for everything.

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